You may be tempted to simply just give "the basics" of your hiring needs to save time. But that could backfire and cost you dearly.

To truly get the best ROI, we'll need to identify more than just the functions your new hire will perform. We'll also need to identify:

  • The short and long-term goals for the position
  • The personality characteristics that will fit best with your teams
  • Specific technical experience and understanding
  • Core challenges you need addressed (along with targeted timelines)
  • The primary pain points experienced by the vacancy or need

​When I work with a decision maker, I will cover these and other key issues that will ensure finding the ideal candidate.


During this phase, I review existing contacts, identify key talent, and aggressively recruit potential hires. Although we do incorporate technologies, social media, and online queries to rapidly identify leads... 

... it is the personal and direct communication that allows us to nurture the most qualified candidates—both active and passive.


I never screen candidates on skill alone.

I develop very specific checklists of criteria based on my interviews with decision makers, company research, the parameters of the position, an understanding of the work and team environment, the needs of the managing leadership, and the "personality" of the organization.

I also delve deeply into the wants, needs, desires, and expectations of the candidate to ensure the long-term success of their tenure.

Although I thoroughly recognize that I am working for you (the company), I also have an ethical responsibility to my candidates in delivering truly viable opportunities that will fit their lifestyle, long-term career needs, desires, and expectations. I do NOT like to waste their time OR yours!


Once I have identified each truly qualified candidate, I present their résumé along with a short summary of qualifications and any other pertinent information. As always, I stand ready to answer any questions and to schedule phone and face-to-face interviews.

Prior to your interview (and during the presentation phases), we will discuss any key issues about the candidate that will be most relevant for you to address.


Upon selecting your top choice in candidates, I will begin the investigation process, including background and reference checks. You will also receive copies of the results for your permanent records.



As your intermediary, I will manage all phases of the offer presentation and negotiation of salary and benefits (unless you and the candidate both agree to handling that together).

Once an agreement has been reached, we will schedule a start date.

I will also remain in contact with both you and the candidate for the next three to six months to ensure each of you is happy with your partnership.

Specializing exclusively in recruitment of mid-to-executive

Business Operations, Account Management and Sales professionals

with demonstrated and proven record of achievement.

So the truth is ...

There's no doubt, you've dealt with hundreds of recruiters. You get calls every day. Everyone promising they will send the best candidate to ride in on a white horse and save your day.

If only ... right?

Well, I won't try to compare my processes to everyone else because ... frankly, I don't study what everyone else does. I know what I do. And for that reason, I'd like to introduce myself so that you will have a chance to understand who I am and what I will do for you.

My name is Liz. I began in recruiting in 1999. I've worked in both permanent placements and in staffing. I have also been a certified résumé writer and a career coach and have spent my entire career helping companies find and secure excellent candidates ...

... and helping jobseekers land their ideal job.

(Obviously, there's a LOT that goes into this, as you well know.)

But after spending nearly 20 years evaluating countless thousands of candidates, I've crafted a very unique intuition into determining those who are truly capable of driving success versus others who just "talk" and only want a paycheck. 

I don't bother with those candidates. 

I have no problem telling a candidate that I cannot work with them. That said,

I love working with operations professionals 
because of their commitment to (and track records for) results. 

And I love working with account/sales managers for the exact same reason.

But for the sake of making sure you know I do have a process, I'll tell you a little about it!

​— First of all, though, you should know that my first foundation is ethics. Period. —