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Many of my clients still have questions and uncertainty when it comes to launching a truly effective job search campaign. Not having a direct strategy can leave you floundering, confused, and dejected—not to mention the potential thousands of dollars in lost income simply because it takes you longer to find your next job (and earn that next paycheck).

For this reason, CareerExcelerate has individual and package coaching sessions that will help you take immediate action, end delays, and get to work as fast as possible.

We cover a full spectrum of topics from entry-level to executive (C-level) needs, including choosing a career (during transitions, market re-entry, and college) all the way to personal branding, career positioning, job-search coaching, interview preparation, and salary negotiations.

We also have personality testing and assessments (FREE!!) along with coaching to handle the harder-to-address issues, like interview anxiety and feeling "stuck" in not knowing what to do next.

Need coaching? Contact me and let's get you rolling!

All résumés are written using formats which rapidly capture attention, highlight industry buzzwords, and secure interviews.  Please call for an appointment to discuss your specific needs, packages, and pricing.

Executive Résumé: 

This résumé markets executives at the Officer, President, and Vice President level by highlighting significant accomplishments, key skills, and strategic areas of expertise in a format which encourages continued investigation and conversation, inviting interviews and further networking opportunities.

Suggested complements: Cover Letter, Professional LinkedIn Profile, and Executive Bio.

Professional Résumé: 

This targeted résumé pairs a profile and keyword summary with high-impact contributions written to rapidly capture attention and emphasize a history of results and competency.

Suggested complements: Cover Letter, Professional LinkedIn Profile, Professional Bio, Interview Coaching Session, Job Search Coaching.

Entry Level Résumé - 2 to 3 Years Experience

This résumé is written for the recent graduate with 2-3 years of work experience and emphasizes growth and momentum.  As many companies seek to capitalize on the drive and ambition of this level candidate, this resume includes just enough information to invite further conversation and interviews.

Suggested complements: Cover Letter, Interview Coaching Session.

Entry Level Résumé - 0 to 1 Year Experience

This résumé emphasizes key courses, scholastic accomplishments, internships, organizations, and summer or part-time positions.  

Suggested complements: Cover Letter, Interview Coaching Session.

Professional Cover Letter: 

A customized, targeted cover letter that may also be used as an Email.  This serves as a template for any 
posting, allowing you to make changes based on the job description. 

Professional Follow Up/Thank You Letter:

A powerful marketing tool that recaps skills and achievements and asks for the second interview. 

Executive and Professional Résumé Modification:

Alters previously written CareerExcelerate Résumé to cater to alternative job leads. Includes job posting review or company evaluation and phone consultation until completion. 

Entry-Level Résumé Modification:

Alters previously written CareerExcelerate Résumé to cater to new job lead. Includes job posting review or company evaluation and phone consultation until completion.

LinkedIn Professional Profile Development: 

A professionally written LinkedIn profile which is optimized with your specific key accomplishments and buzzwords to capture the attention of hiring managers and recruiters searching for both passive and active job seekers.


Interview Preparation: 

Personal, one-on-one consultation to prepare for the interview.  Includes basic interview preparation as well as advanced personal marketing techniques.  Considers the psychology behind the interview and the interviewer, using strategic statements, questions, and sales tactics to increase chances at securing an invitation for next interview as well as a high position in the interviewer's mind.

Strategic Marketing:  

A step-by-step plan for both defining potential target positions and companies and creating high-impact marketing campaigns.  Will focus on branding, creating your "elevator speech," gatekeeper tactics, the "hidden job market," reaching decision makers, gaining introductory meetings, and converting meetings into interviews. 

Additional Services: Personality Inventories, Career Direction Inventories, Career Transition Resources, College and Graduate Degree Planning, Spiritual Gifts Inventories, Social Media Development, Networking Tools