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You literally only have one or two seconds to capture and KEEP your reader's attention before they hit the “back” button, delete, or throw your material away.

So, I develop content using tested-and-proven strategies that:

  • Capture attention
  • Demonstrate immediate relevance
  • Deliver instant perception of value

  • Direct Mail
  • Landing Pages
  • Websites
  • White Papers
  • Sales Letters
  • Course Descriptions
  • Program Descriptions
  • Fundraising Letters
  • And more

This ensures that your reader will actually stop and consider your offer. 

​I write content for a wide range of media, including:

My process is simple. I work in collaboration with your marketing team and designers, analyzing controls of past and current campaigns and assessing your short and long-term goals. There are three phases of production.

In phase one, I gather all of the foundational information about your programs and target market.

In phase two, I develop the marketing concepts that best address your short and long-term goals. At this point, we will discuss performing split-tests to determine the best approach and ROI. 

In phase three, I begin writing the product based on your approved concept and we work collaboratively from that point on until you are satisfied with your copy. Prior to completion, I will request a PDF copy of the layout to ensure the concept has been correctly represented. And if there are any concerns, I will advise you on possible corrections or changes to consider.

On your final approval, I will have all content proofread; however, your team will be responsible to provide a final check of all copy and design. At this point, your copy is ready to mail or post and, if you will keep me updated on results, I may be able to provide additional suggestions for a successful campaign.

During the initial phases, we focus on three key areas:

1) Gathering all background information.

2) Identifying the USPs (unique selling propositions). In other words, what is it about your program/s that out-perform those of your competition.

3) Developing a profile for your target market.

In our initial information-gathering interview, I will request from your team all pertinent background materials, including:

  • Websites
  • Prior brochures and ads
  • Course catalogs and product descriptions
  • Technical and white papers
  • Press kits
  • Prior social media posts
  • Online and direct mail ads
  • Landing pages
  • Competitor analyses / swipe files
  • Technical data
  • Marketing plans and proposals
  • Prior fundraising material
  • Operational metrics and research
  • And anything else that might provide insight into the benefits and features of your programs, campus, training materials, and post-grad placement data.

My next step is to interview your key marketing and administrative contacts with specific questions to determine the chief value of your product offerings and training programs, including:

  • What are the primary benefits of your training or degree programs?
  • What sets you apart from your competition?
  • What success rates do your students have after completing your program?
  • What resources do you have in place to assist students after completion?
  • What are your primary and secondary target markets? Describe your market's profile to your best ability.
  • How does your prospect typically discover you?
  • Who is your top competition and what makes them the most competitive?
  • What chief problem or problems in the marketplace do your programs address?

Our third step will be to develop a profile of your target audience and student/customer. I will ask you questions, including:

  • What are the general demographics of your ideal student/customer/donor?
  • What are the primary concerns that your program will address for this individual/group?
  • What type of success does your typical student or customer experience after completion of your program/s?
  • What, in your estimation, are the primary motivators of your market?
  • Where/how do you obtain your mailing or contact lists? How do you typically obtain your leads?

I then do a "deep dive" into your products and programs. I evaluate all of your background materials to determine the chief points of marketability and how those will best appeal to your market. I also research your competition to identify areas where your products or programs excel to give you a competitive edge.

Next, I research and investigate your market through numerous channels to determine key needs, motivators, desires, goals, and wants. I construct points of leverage to demonstrate how your training product solves their problem, eliminates their pain, and delivers the solutions to rapidly and effectively reach their goals.


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Submit your current project objectives for a FREE, no-obligation Critique

Or call 405-213-1200