Recruiting Exclusively

Mid-to-Executive-Level Oil & Gas (O&G) and Industrial

Sales Professionals, Account Managers & Operations Leaders


1. Targeted jobs brought to you 

If you match one of our positions, we personally contact you

to determine your level of interest.

2. Personal Recommendations:
Our clients know we only refer qualified candidates. So, we can

open doors for you that you may not even know exist.

3. More interviews faster:

Your job-search period will be shorter when you have an insider sourcing

your best opportunities at the right skill level, growth track, salary level, and benefits.

4. A-to-Z Support:

Assistance and coaching, starting with the initial résumé assessment and until 6 months post-hire.

5. Confidential Marketing:

Look for jobs without your name ever being mentioned. No one has to know you’re considering other career options.

Searching for a new position is a delicate thing.

You've worked — and worked HARD — to be taken seriously, to reach a certain level of success, to accomplish monumental milestones ... and to provide for yourself and family in a way that ... let's just say ... meets certain standards. 

Congratulations. You did it!

So, launching a new job search ... it's no small matter.

I want you to know, I take your search — and your confidentiality — seriously too.

If you've visited my résumé writing page, then you've already discovered that I have spent an enormous amount of time working with jobseekers of every level and nearly every position to create very successful job search campaigns. 

I've written résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, and numerous other career documents for jobseekers as well as clients seeking to advance within their existing companies.

I've also partnered with business owners to develop and write content for websites, social media, sales promotions (long and short form), and branded marketing documents.

And I've developed full-scale marketing campaigns, coaching professionals through the execution of those strategies to land their target positions.

All that to say that I have an in-depth and full understanding of 

every phase of the search process, including the proper

management of your marketability. Additionally, I am an

experienced coach, and I know how to prepare you.

I represent my clients discreetly and confidentially, while delving deeply into the corporate culture of my client companies along with all aspects of the position to make sure my recommendations are good potential fits for both parties.

Although there are no guarantees that I will be able to place you, I will confidentially keep your résumé and profile on file for consideration in any opportunities that could possibly be a fit. And because I genuinely care about your career, I welcome a long-term relationship as a true resource in your career longevity and success!​​​

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To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not to what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to."

​- Kahlil Gibran