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Our Strengths

Our Goal

  • To develop powerful résumés that market our clients competitively so that they "rise to the top" of the candidate list.

  • To interview our clients the right way: one that determines their specific goals and gathers the most marketable features of their career history so that they are successful in gaining interviews for their target positions.

  • To coach our clients in the most appropriate strategy for their specific situation and to teach them how to leverage their brand successfully.

  • To identify the most important details that they often overlook when presenting their qualifications. Years of recruiting has taught us what matters most and what doesn't matter at all. 

Our clients finish the process possessing an entirely renewed and solid ​understanding of their skills, strengths, abilities and contributions—AND, most importantly, how to communicate those in a way that helps them to "ace the interview."

By following the coaching process during the initial fact-finding interviews, we uncover and isolate the key aspects of our clients' work histories that will be most critical in securing opportunities ... from the very first contact to final negotiations and acceptance of the offer!

Why choose OKC Résumés?

In a word, experience. Liz Rankin of CareerTree Services / OKC Résumés has been counseling job hunters since 1999 when she began her career as a professional recruiter.

Working directly with top management and human resource professionals from many different industries, Liz has gained a unique perspective in understanding the hidden qualities that companies look for in their candidates.

In addition to consistently writing interview-winning résumés, Liz has successfully coached her candidates through the maze of job hunting, including company research, strategic marketing, networking, uncovering the hidden job market, interviewing, and negotiating the offer. She has assisted countless professionals at every level of their career in finding and securing the position of their dreams. 

The Hidden Benefit