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Hi! I'm Liz.

As a recruitercertified professional résumé writer (CPRW) and career coach, I've been helping companies find top-choice candidates and jobseekers find their target positions since 1999.

I've worked across many industries and have partnered with hiring professionals at every level from HR to senior executive decision makers.

After identifying my client's core needs, hiring objectives, challenges, and growth goals, I initiate the candidate search to specifically address the pain-points, skill sets, personality traits, and track record required to bring profitability and success to the position.

On the jobseeker side, I have served a multi-faceted client base from nearly every industry imaginable.

I have a long-standing history of coaching jobseekers through the all phases of the employment maze and my results have been exceptional. (See my testimonials here).  

-> If you're a company searching for an ideal candidate to drive growth, lead turnarounds, reverse underperformance, expand markets, develop new verticals, or maximize profitability, you're in the right place.

-> If you're a jobseeker in need of a résumé, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, executive biography and/or coaching, then I can definitely help you. (My career documents have an outstanding record for winning interviews and offers.)

-> If you are a candidate with rock-solid experience in operations or account/sales management, which means you have a proven track record in:

  • Driving KPIs, profitability, efficiency, market/territory expansion, change management, and executive-level steering ...

  • Delivering documented success in top-down cross-organizational/cross-functional leadership ...


then I would love to speak with you. Please send me your résumé/CV in a Word document.

For jobseekers, my writing specialty is in creating résumés and career documents that first capture attention, then engage your reader, build curiosity, and demonstrate proof of capability—all to increase your response rate for winning interviews within your target market.

That means you'll get:

  • A solid understanding of your marketability and how to confidently communicate it.

  • More companies calling you sooner for interviews and with better offers!

As a career coach, I specialize in strategic planning and job search execution with a specific goal to shorten your job-search period and gain rapid employment. 

I also possess a bachelor's in psychology with a focus on brain and behavior and leverage calculated emotional and neurologically-based triggers to help my clients overcome confusion, fear, and anxiety to successfully reach their goals.

There are all kinds of behind-the-scenes strategies that make that happen. But don't worry about that. That's my job.

Your job is to simply tell me what your goals and objectives are and we'll craft a plan to make it happen.

Ready? Let's get started!


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What my clients are saying ...

Certified résumé writing, LinkedIn profile writing, career documents, career coaching: more interviews sooner; better offers.
Operations Manager, Operations Director, Account Manager, Sales Manager Recruiting

Specialized recruitment of mid​-to-executive-level

operations professionals & account managers

Interview-winning career documents & coaching for

jobseekers of all positions ​​

Welcome to CareerExcelerate (CareerXLR8)! 

We provide services in two very specific areas:

1. Recruiting: We specialize exclusively in the placement of mid-to-executive-level operations professionals as well as leaders in account and sales management (candidates who specifically, consistently deliver demonstrated and proven results to their organizations.)

2. Résumé writing and career coaching: We help jobseekers of all professions to shorten their job search period and land their target positions through strategic coaching, identifying and communicating marketability, and by writing targeted, metric-driven résumés, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and executive biographies (that consistently win interviews).

Interview-winning résumé; job-winning interviews!

Job seekers,

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Thank you SO MUCH for all your help!  Anyone else that needs help...I'm sending your way.   OMG!    It has been the difference between night and day dealing with you versus some of the other firms.  I can't say enough nice things.

- Holly

Hey Liz!!

All I can say is that I am truly happy that I have had you to teach me all these things! I will for sure keep you updated on how everything goes. I cannot stress to you how much I have enjoyed this experience with you. You have done so much for me in helping me not only start my future career but you have also helped me become more confident in myself that I will be able to do this. 

Thank you times a million!! You have done such a fantastic job and took 
time to produce such beautiful documents. Thank you SO much!

- Victoria

Liz, Everything is great! ... I got a new job offer within a week of uploading the LinkedIn profile you made for me! Thank you so much! I'll be a reference for you anytime. Call me when you can so I can thank you in person. ... Feel free to use anything from my voicemail as a testimonial. My new role is an account executive for ****. Thanks again!

- Joey